Gerasim Spartak vs Jan Bavor (STR8Hell)

Duration: 41:51 Views: 411 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Gerasim Spartak is matched against Jan Bavor in submission wrestling. They start by doing some warming up and stretching. Then the match gets started. They are soon grappling and straining for a good hold and Jan manages to win a point. Then they take turns oiling each other all over, including soaking their underwear in oil and reaching inside to oil dicks and asses. When the resume wrestling Gerasim manages to pull off Jan’s underwear, but he doesn’t win the point. Jan is soon pulling at Gerasim’s underwear to get him naked too. Those hot bodies look so good as they grapple and strain to get a hold. Gerasim gets his first point on the board, Those oily bodies look so good as they roll all over the mats, showing asses and cocks as they try to gain a winning hold. Underhand techniques, such as grabbing balls are employed to gain an advantage as each tries so hard. They continue wrestling with Jan gradually building an unassailable lead. Then they settle down for a wank off, and Gerasim is persauded to lick Jan’s dick. Jan then has to reciprocate before they return to wanking hard. Jan watches closely as Gerasim shoots his hot cum and milks his cock dry. Then he wanks hard and fast and dumps his load too. They clean each other’s dicks and go off to the shower to wash up.
Models: Jan Bavor