Rudy Rides Chandler

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Description: New freshman Skye had a great time getting fucked by Marc. Now it’s time for him to see what he can do with Chandler’s monster cock! The two guys go at it, kissing non-stop after Chandler throws Skye down on the sofa. Chandler kisses up and down Skye’s body, and grabs his cock through his shorts. Chandler pulls Skye’s dick our and sucks him. He sucks on Skye’s nuts, then licks Skye’s tight asshole. Skye moans as Chandler teases him with his tongue, sliding up and down from ass crack to the head of his cock. Chandler kisses Skye’s legs and licks his feet and toes. Chandler kisses Skye again, pulling him close to get his shirt off and feed him his huge cock. Skye does an amazing job, working the head of Chandler’s cock with his lips, then down down deeply on his long dick. Chandler moans as Skye blows him. Skye eagerly works on Chandler’s cock. Chandler stands on the cushions to feed Skye as much dick as he can take. Chandler fingers Skye’s ass, then slides his cock slowly into Skye’s tight ass. Skye yelps as Chandler sinks his dick all the way in. “Oh my god, your dick is so fucking big!” Skye yells. Chandler pounds Skye with every inch of his cock. Chandler wraps his hand around Skye’s throat as he fucks him. Skye smacks Chandler’s ass. Quickly, Chandler rolls over and Skye climbs on top to ride his cock. He bounces up and down on Chandler’s dick. “Fuck my hole!” Skye says. Chandler drills deep up into Skye’s ass. He smacks Skye’s ass as he fucks him. Skye leans back as he rides Chandler. Chandler jerks Skye’s cock. Skye’s rock-hard with that enormous cock up his ass. Chandler pushes Skye’s legs over his head and slides back into him. He fucks Skye in the missionary position. Skye strokes his cock and cums all over his stomach. Chandler rolls Skye on his side and pounds him until he’s ready to shoot. He blasts his load onto Skye’s ass, then licks it up before kissing Skye with a mouthful of his own cum!