CorbinFisher - ACS0122 - Ian & Cassie

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Description: I was recently sitting around going over some photos of the guys, checking out which ones might look good on various parts of the site, when I came across a batch of Ian's pictures. I found myself staring at each one thinking aloud, "Why on earth have we not had him back recently?!" Ian photographs as well as nearly any other guy on the site and has a face, body and cock that are really incredible to look at. What's more, he's proven himself able to have quite the hot cumshot and also took a stab at some guy/guy action with hot results that endeared him to many CF fans. So, I immediately set about e-mailing him and seeing if he was able to come back and show himself off some more. Thankfully, he was indeed able to make it back out here and also quite eager to film some more stuff, as well!
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