WH - BONUS SET - FULL CONTACT - Tonny Scott, Jan Bavor and Boda Gold

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Description: We have a lovely bonus set with Tonny Scott, Jan Bavor and Boda Gold. Photographer Tonny has two great models in Boda and Jan who pose in skimpy underwear showing off their hot bodies and bulges. As he takes his photos Tonny enjoys the view and gropes himself. Then, getting bolder, he reaches up and fondles Boda's big bulge. With that bulge getting even larger he also feels Jan's sexy ass. Jan turns around, showing that his cock is hard in the underwear, as is Boda's. Boda reaches for Jan's underwear pulling the waistband down to release the stiff cock as Tonny takes his pics. Jan releases Boda's huge erection too as Tonny bares his chest and pulls out his own stiff cock. He moves over to Jan and kisses him. Jan wanks on Tonny's and Boda's cocks Then all tree push down their clothes, and they continue kissing and wanking. Jan wanks two cocks as he alternates his kissing between the two guys. Boda climbs onto the chair so that his cock is level with Tonny's mouth. He eagerly sucks on that big cock before giving way so that Jan can taste it too. They both take turns on Boda's big, stiff, cock as their own stand proud too. As they suck on Boda's dick they also feel each other. Then both mouths rub on that huge dick at the same time. Then Boda swaps places with Jan. He sucks on Jan's dick as Tonny drops to his knees to suck him. Then Jan lays down and feels Boda's huge dick slide deep into his ass hole. Boda fucks that ass and reaches back to wank on Tonny's cock too. Then he pulls out and swaps places with Tonny who fucks Jan's hot hole hard as he also wanks Boda. Jan enjoys that cock in his ass and soon they guys swap again so that Boda can get more of that eager hole. He pounds the ass hard and fast before giving way to Tonny again. Tonny fucks that hot ass hard as Jan wanks himself to a big, creamy cumshot, then he kisses Boda and bends over to suck Jan, feeling Boda's dick sliding into his ass at the same time. He wanks himself as Boda fucks his hot hole. His mouth sucks hard on Jan's dick as Boda keeps up his deep fucking. Tonny's wanking gets faster and he unloads his hot cum as Boda keeps fucking. Boda pulls out of that hole and shoots his cum all over it.
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