Military Classified - Trenton 9th Video

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Description: Does anybody remember this guy? Yep! Trenton is back! Trenton contacted me from Colorado of all places, saying he's on his way back to Cali for a visit and wanted to see if he could make some money while he was here. I was only happy to assist and within a weeks time, Trenton was at my door step with those pretty blue eyes and that rock climber body! Watch as these two reminisce on times past by taking the action to Rob's ass where Trenton like to be all the time! Trenton was in rare form when he arrived to my studios. I was especially nervous because I haven't see the guy in such a long time. The anticipation was on high alert and when the doorbell rang and I opened the door, I was pleasantly surprised that Trenton still looked as hot as ever! I invited him in and we made our way to my garage where I was already set up for a sleazy garage fuck!! Trenton was only happy to get right down to business and that's exactly what we did. Once we got the paperwork out of the way, I was only too happy to get him in front of my cameras and hit record. There was no interview, no stories to talk about, no banter back and forth. No words were exchanged, I just came up to him, knelt down in front him and began to work on his cock. Trenton when hard almost immediately and we were off to the races. Trenton hasn't lost his step one bit as he sat back and sank the awesome feeling he gets when Rob sucks his cock! You can see the look on his face how happy and satisfied he looks as Rob continues his attack on Trenton's cock. Before long we were past the sucking and immediately got into the fucking and this is where Trenton shines. I must have rode Trenton in several positions before we ended up in the doggie style position but it was amazing how this stud enjoys Rob's ass! The reactions and the looks on their faces to have their big dicks tightly wrapped around a tight wet hole can only spell orgasm and that's exactly what Trenton delivers and deliver he does directly in Rob's ass! Wow!
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